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Happy Wednesday 


Napowrino twenty nine – Critique 

Hello hello. Today’s Napowrimo prompt is to write a ‘review poem’. 


It’s not me it’s you

The writing’s on the wall and it’s written in blue 

It’s not you it’s me

The writing’s on the wall written and it’s written grey

The writings on the wall

And it doesn’t make sense 

Any sense at all

The lines don’t rhyme

Well at least not all the time 

Some do

Some don’t 

The writing’s on the wall

But it makes no sense 

Hieroglyphic scrawl 

iambic pentameter makes me blue 

Ten syllables 

But its definitely not me 

but you 

Day twenty eight- I never really understood the metaphors of bridges. 

Hello. Short offering today as I teach for thirteen hours and I’m still tired from recovering from glandular fever.

I never really understood the metaphor of bridges 

I never really understood 

The metaphors of bridges 

I always imagine a plank of wood

Awkward across a steam 

Blocking out the sun

On trout, tadpoles and Bream

I always imagined bridges metaphors 

To be the literary technique

Of lazy poets and bookish bores

Life as a path is too oblique   

Is there a need for such confusion?

A poem can be written in plain speak

I never really understood bridge metaphors 

Till I stood with fuel and flame 

On one side of the embankment 

And you on the other

And smelt the smoke of no return 

And suddenly I could explain

                    a bridge metaphor

Napowrimo twenty six – Snow 

Hello hello. Happy Sunday. How are you? Today’s Napowrimo prompt is to write a persona poem. I’ve spent the day in London watching the London children’s ballet performance of Snow white. I really really want to explore the complex character of Snow White, but as it’s been a day of travel I can only offer a haiku. Love x


Red apple eater 

Beats death with kiss from stranger 

Stained now. Not snow 

Napowrimo twenty five – Descartes 

Hello hello. Happy Saturday. Today’s napowrimo prompt is to write a clerihew. A clerihew is a a humourous/ witty refrain where you have to make reference to the person you a writing about. Love x


Descartes  -philosophical man

I think therefore I am 

But what would happen if he felt not thought?

Would the ‘discourse’ be as it ought? 

Napowrimo twenty three- the hanged man 

Hello hello. How are you today? Today’s Napowrimo prompt was to take a pack of card or a tarot pack and pick out a card and write about that. I had a tarot card reading from my m last week and the card that I most remember is the Hanged man. My mum read it positively as letting go and so that is my inspiration for today. I thought I’d make it more difficult my writing a ghazal, which is a minimum of five couplets including a refrain. My refrain will be the hanged man. Love. X

        The hanged man 

He’s there, just there, suspended in the world  tree 

As she deals the Celtic cross for me, the hanged man 

He’s in my present, with his foot bound but right foot free

And he’s upright, smiling serenely – the hanged man 

The psychic smiles and my cheeks flushy bloody

And I pretend to study the picture of the hanged man 

Clown-like, but his yellow shoes contradict his lofty reverie 

And I fear he is too judgemental , the hanged man 

So I trace the golden halo depicting his spirituality 

Nearly choke-on the irony of an angel in a tarot pack- the hanged man 

This angel-clown is saying I need to break old patterns, be free 

But I’m far from ready to surrender, let go of  – the hanged man 

So I cross her palms and refuse to drink her tea 

If she read the leaves, he be there, waiting, hovering

                        the hanged man 

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